Scratch Pole Deluxe – Adjustable Under-table Cat Scratcher

From: $34.97

The Scratch Pole Deluxe is a sleek and sturdy full seagrass cat scratching post that takes up minimal space in your home. Easily adjusts to fit under most tables taking advantage of unused space. Non-slip pads on top and bottom hold the scratcher in place and prevent damage to floors. A matching seagrass toy entices kitty to play and scratch!


Tension-mounted, simply twist to adjust height. Fits tables and desks ranging from 26.75” to 31” tall. Works under most tables and desks. Sturdy so cats won’t tip it over. Easy to uninstall for storage or relocation. Natural seagrass scratching surface. Hanging toy entices kitty to play and scratch. Non-slip pads provide stability and protect floors.


Full Seagrass, Seagrass and Felt Combo


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