Luxury Reversible MultiUse Bed, Carrier, Car Seat


More than a simple cat bed, this snuggler acts as a cozy bed, carrier bag, car seat, and is even a great hideout for kittens playing hide and seek (or peekaboo)! Made with the finest luxury fabrics, soft is an understatement of the cloud of comfort this provides for your cat. The snuggle bed is reversible, machine washable, lightweight, and fashion forward. It comes with a 37″ shoulder strap, matching blanket and cushion for additional comfort. Be sure your cat has the BEST with this amazing snuggle bed. Measures approximately 12” x 16” on the inside, height of 10”. Works best for cats 15 lbs and under. Proudly made in the USA!


Black, Brown, Gray, Navy Blue, Aqua, Cheetah, Siberian Tiger, Snow Leopard, Fancy Black, Camo, Baby Blue Bkulls, Light Pink Skulls, Aqua Party Dots, Pink Party Dots, Fall Party Dots, Red Western, Blue Western, Black Chevron, Aqua Plaid, Pink Plaid, Blue Plaid, Green Plaid, Red Plaid, Red Snowflake, Santa Says, Cream Holiday Whimsy, Rock Lobster


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