Our Cat-story

I am passionate about my cats, and love to spoil them (because lets face it, they deserve it!).  My husband and I currently have four indoor and one garage/outdoor cat.  Oh and of course there is the ‘neighborhood’ female that had three kittens in our cat hut (who are now all fixed)!  We were not planning on having that many.. but circumstances conspired and, here we are.. loving, feeding and vetting nine kitties!

It all started with two brothers – Mr. Meowgi and Morris.  When Morris passed away unexpectedly, it quickly became apparent that Mr. Meowgi was becoming lonely and needed another companion.  As he was twelve years old, young kittens were certainly NOT the right choice, so we opted for a pair of brothers that were about one year old.  That way they could play rough with eachother, but Mr. would still have some companions.

About six months after that, we found one of our favorite visiting outdoor kitties behind our house, unable to put weight on his back legs.  So I rushed him to the vet and received the news – two broken back legs.  The vet was apprehensive but said if we were ready for all the care that lay ahead – and were ready to welcome him in our home permanently – that he would do his best to save our little buddy, Chips.  Long story short, his legs healed wonderfully and five years later he is still one of the happiest, most energetic, playful and active cats I know.

How We’re Different

The Meowvelous Cat is committed to curating the finest made in the USA, eco-friendly, and ethically made cat products available so you can spoil your favorite feline (and yourself) with luxurious goods fit for a king!  I also share many tips on taking great care of your fur family, lots of fun kitty stories and facts, and a forum where we can all chat and wonder together why they do what they do (closed door syndrome, anyone?  🤣).

There is a lot of junky cat “stuff” out there.. I am here to make sure that every product we recommend is of the highest quality, made to last, and fully cat approved!

Want to Connect?

Looking for (or HAVE!) recommendations for something not on the site yet?  If you need a hand or have any questions, feel free to use the Contact Form, or email roxie@meowvelouscat.com and I will be more than happy to help you out!

Have a purrfectly pawsome day,

Founder, Meowvelous Cat

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